Football stakeholders urge PM to hand over FIFA House to NC [The Nation]

Football stakeholders urge PM to hand over FIFA House to NC [The Nation]

LAHORE – The delay in returning the Football House to Normalisation Committee (NC) is causing serious frustration among the football fraternity, which is strongly demanding the government of handing over the Football House to the NC. 

Former international football player Abid Hussain, on behalf of entire football community, said this on the sidelines of the marriage ceremony of FIFA NC member Shahid Niaz Khokhar’s daughter in Lahore, which was participated by a very large number of football leaders from all over the country.

The ceremony turned into a football convention as it was participated by the football leaders from all four provinces, AJK and Gilgit Baltistan. Apart from the regional units of Pakistan, there were a number of referees, coaches and managers of departmental teams who ensured their presence. 

“For how long, we have to wait to see our national team playing and our young players wave Pakistan’s flag wearing green dress. Govt takeover of FIFA House Lahore evacuating the illegal faction raised hope among the community that the long-standing football crisis is going to end. The football community comprises of 6 to 7 million football lovers. On this issue, we all are together. It is very painful to see non footballers sitting in football house. We want peaceful and immediate return of Football House to the NC and if delayed, we shall announce our line of actions very soon.”

M Abid said: “You can look around, we all belong to varied factions and political thoughts of football in Pakistan, but we the genuine stakeholders are together for a sustainable resolution of the problem. “As the FIFA house has been evacuated, we demand the Prime Minister of handing over it to the FIFA-appointed PFF NC so that the FIFA suspensions may be lifted from Pakistan. I must also add and demand the Normalisation Committee to announce the PFF elections soon after the FIFA suspensions on Pakistan are lifted.”

Published in The Nation, 13 December 2021