Normalisation Committee to stick to its election plan [The News]

Normalisation Committee to stick to its election plan [The News]

KARACHI: FIFA-appointed Normalisation Committee will stick to its election plan which has been shared with the government.

According to NC’s sources elections can be held in four and a half months but scrutiny of clubs will need some time. They have also requested the concerned parties to cooperate.

Sources said that the Ashfaq group will have to vacate the PFF headquarters completely.

Sources in the Ashfaq group had told this correspondent the other day that only a portion in the PFF headquarters would be handed over to NC.

Meanwhile, a PFF elections expert told ‘The News’ on Friday that the nine-month time which NC has sought for holding elections is as per constitution. The expert said that scrutiny of clubs is the most important step and may take more time than expected. He said that legal complications may arise during the scrutiny.

A source said that the issue will be resolved soon. The source said that the Ashfaq group will have to vacate the headquarters and the state will definitely serve as guarantor in the whole process.

The source said that effort would be made to also put a member in the NC from Ashfaq group in order to ensure transparency in the electoral process.

Meanwhile NC said: “There is a consensus between the PFF normalisation committee and the government on many important issues, with the keen interest of the Prime Minister and tireless efforts of Dr. Fehmida Mirza, the prospects for a speedy solution to the long-standing and complex problems of Pakistan’s football are very bright.”

It added that the PFF NC led by Haroon Malik had a two-hour meeting with the IPC minister Dr Fehmida Mirza in Islamabad a few days ago. “Malik and another NC member Saud Hashmi were virtually present in the important meeting while the rest of the two NC members Barrister Haris Azmat and Shahid Niaz Khokhar ensured their physical attendance of this mutually benefitting consultation with the IPC Ministry.”

It is pertinent to mention here that the Ashfaq group has formed a five-member committee to meet the government officials and NC to discuss things which may lead towards the PFF elections.

The task of NC will be to conduct club scrutiny, and hold elections at the district, provincial and PFF levels.

Published in The News, 9 October 2021