The story of Westfort Football Club

The story of Westfort Football Club

By Faizan Ahmed

The dream of a 16 year old boy, not only intended to promote football in a society showing minimal passion to the beautiful game but also to provide guidance to youth choosing wrong lifestyle. 

A bunch of lads who never kicked a football led by a young boy who had just barely started his own career but the motive was clear and efforts were made on an uneven surface with bricks acting as cones and a worn out football.

Ridiculed by society,no place to train,extreme parental pressure,lack of financial resources,no guidance,mocked by colony residents but the goal was set, hardships were faced and we kept going. 

Trained on streets,mud,small grassy plots but loved every second of it. Hardwork started to bear fruit as not only the team got better but also they chose a healthy form of lifestyle. Many of them got positions and scholarships in academics due to the positive influx by football.

Started playing teams with absolutely no experience in our bag. It was difficult and we barely played on weekends. No training, no place to exhibit what we learned. We found one but it was far from our style. Football —> Futsal.

We never gave up andayed once a month to once a weekend. After just 1 year we made a name for ourselves. We beat teams with better quality,more experience and higher age group. 11-16 year old boys were stunning opposition teams by their determination and passion. A team with no ground,no regular training,no experience,no resources were humbling quite a few good teams. This was ALLAH’s Blessings and a good intention to start the club.

This team went on to win trophies, recognition and popularity as 90% of the players went on to represent their educational institutes and couple of them represented Lahore region in Inter-Provincial games. Gaining respect from opposition every time. We have a motto and its the soul of this club because we have been through a lot. #WeWontBackDown AND WE NEVER WILL. 

We will keep trying to take this venture from Lahore to all over Pakistan. We will fail for sure but sooner or later WE WILL WIN. Not just trophies, popularity, or sponsorships but gain the recognistion Pakistan football deserves.

Thank you for reading our story. We will add many more beautiful chapters to our tale. Because it has just started. The journey from nothing to everything IN SHAA ALLAH.