Complete roadmap of PFF election process provided to IPC Ministry, PSB: Haroon [The Nation]

Complete roadmap of PFF election process provided to IPC Ministry, PSB: Haroon [The Nation]

LAHORE – Chairman PFF Normalisation Committee Haroon Malik has disclosed through a press release that the NC has shared the PFF elections roadmap with IPC Ministry and PSB.

“We always had the clarity in our thoughts that free, fair and transparent elections in line with the PFF statutes are the only solution to the long-standing football issues in Pakistan, before the sad incident of forcible takeover of FIFA house by the illegal group on 27 March, I had publicly stated that NC is going to announce the elections roadmap in the next few days,” said the NC chief.

Haroon said had 27 March not happened, they would have completed most of the elections process by now, the illegal takeover has caused unwanted delay in the process apart from bringing bad name on Pakistan. “The election process can only be started once the FIFA house is vacated from the unlawful occupants.

“Article 90 of the PFF statutes lays out all the steps of the election process. The football community will only recognize PFF elections conducted by FIFA-appointed NC in Pakistan. The illegal Ashfaque Shah and Amir Dogar Group have also announced an intention to hold elections which will not be acceptable to FIFA and AFC, government or football community rather it shall put Pakistan football on the path to complete isolation and destruction.

“If these sham elections were allowed to be happened, the FIFA suspension will not only continue till 2028 but football will be completely destroyed as a result, Pakistan will remain deprived of all kinds of international development funds and competitions, no player, referee or coach training, education programs will happen in Pakistan,” the NC emphasized.

Published in The Nation, 12 September 2021