‘PM Khan, save football’ footballers appeal in protest [ARY Sports]

‘PM Khan, save football’ footballers appeal in protest [ARY Sports]

by Muzammil Asif

KARACHI: Former and current national footballers protested against the Ashfaq Hussain group who forcefully took charge of the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) in March this year. 

Ashfaq, who was elected as PFF’s president through an election conducted by Supreme Court, had accused FIFA-installed Normalisation Committee (NC)’s Haroon Malik of corruption and dishonesty with Pakistan football. He alongside his people took charge of the PFF house after which FIFA once again put a ban on Pakistan.

Following the current scenario, the football community held a protest against the Ashfaq-led group here at KMC Stadium. The protestors appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan to save football in Pakistan.

“Football is a game of Poors but ruled by rich who run it unfaithfully. My appeal is to PM Khan to look into this matter as football is our only bread and butter,” former FIFA Referee Ahmed Jan said during the protest.

“We need the government to make efforts to remove Ashfaq and his team from the PFF house and talk with FIFA to lift the ban. Plenty of footballers and people who belong to it are suffering due to this ban,” he added.

The protestors asked the government to take action on their appeal otherwise their next protest stop will be at the head office of PFF in Islamabad.

Published on ARY Sports, 26 June 2021