Footballers in Pakistan struggling to survive: Nasir Ismail [The News]

Footballers in Pakistan struggling to survive: Nasir Ismail [The News]

KARACHI: Former international footballer Nasir Ismail says that the players in Pakistan are struggling to survive while the high-ups fight for power.

“It has all been happening because of the power struggle between high-ups who will be least affected by the suspension,” Ismail told PPI.

He said not only the footballers but coaches and groundsmen were also suffering.

FIFA Congress on Friday ratified the suspension of the PFF in its 71st virtual FIFA Congress for third party interference.

“Players, groundsmen and coaches are paying a huge price for this mess,” said Ismail.

He said that this crisis in the Pakistan football has wasted more than five years of players and other people associated with the game, and they were finding it difficult to make ends meet.

“The time is not far when you will see top national footballers riding Bykea or Uber because there are no professional games to play here,” he said.

After Ashfaq Shah-led group took over the Football House in Lahore, the PFF’s headquarters, sending FIFA’s Normalisation Committee members back home, the international body suspended Pakistan’s membership. It upheld the decision of suspension in its congress meeting.

Published in The News, 23 May 2021