Ashfaq rejects NC’s claim about FIFA Congress decision [The News]

Ashfaq rejects NC’s claim about FIFA Congress decision [The News]

KARACHI: The FIFA-installed Normalisation Committee claimed on Friday that due to the positive steps taken by it any further sanctions were avoided. It issued the statement after FIFA Congress ratified Pakistan’s suspension.

But Ashfaq Hussain Shah-led PFF on Saturday said that NC had nothing to do with the matter. “Despite these persons being exposed the negative forces including certain elements within the NC, who have also been exposed as either having gross conflict of interests or being mixed up in the intrigue, are trying to present the ratification of the earlier suspension, which is the process followed by FIFA, as some kind of further sanction which is incorrect,” Ashfaq said.

“As has become clear due to the deep conspiracy against Pakistan football the action taken by us was necessitated . . . to save Pakistan football,” he added.

He said the facts were shared with the media FIFA. More information and details would be shared, he added.

“The current NC is not representative of the Pakistan football stakeholders and has been exposed as working on its own agenda and having persons in it who are mixed up with the negative elements or looking to gain financially,” Ashfaq said.

“FIFA is following its own processes and has taken cognizance of the ground reality including the evidence submitted to it,” he said.

Ashfaq said that they would continue to engage with FIFA bilaterally to ensure that the suspension was lifted at the earliest. He said it was expected that FIFA would also take action against those involved in destroying Pakistan football.

“We remain committed to saving Pakistan football and will continue to take all necessary actions for that purpose. We are also committed to engaging with all genuine stakeholders and look forward to FIFA/AFC addressing Pakistan football’s genuine concerns at the earliest,” Ashfaq said.

Published in The News, 23 May 2021