PFF Normalisation Committee issues statement on PFF House takeover

PFF Normalisation Committee issues statement on PFF House takeover

On Saturday, March 27, 2021 around 3pm (PKT), in an illegal action led by Engr. Ashfaq Hussain, his group forcibly trespassed, broke in and took over the FIFA House at Lahore. They also manhandled and harassed the staff, kept them under forcible confinement and took personal belongings and items by force.

The FIFA-appointed Pakistan Football Federation Normalisation Committee strongly condemns the said actions. In Pakistan, FIFA only recognises the PFF NC headed by Mr. Haroon Malik. All other persons’ illegal occupying the PFF House in Lahore are to immediately handover vacant possession.

The NC is deeply saddened at the interruption to the 2021 National Women’s Football Championship due to the hostile takeover of the PFF. It is important to note that Pakistan’s participation in any international tournaments can only be done by the FIFA recognised body, the NC headed by Mr. Malik.

The NC had confirmed participation in the SAFF Cup, SAFF Championship, AFC Women’s Asian Cup Qualifiers and others which are now all at risk due to the illegal actions of those who stormed the building.

The NC is also in touch with FIFA on the illegal actions of Saturday, March 27, 2021 and appropriate actions against individuals involved in this hostile takeover, including punitive action and damages may follow, including and not limited to life term bans and persona non grata.

The FIFA PFF NC will continue to execute the FIFA and Asian Football Confederation mandate in Pakistan which includes working towards establishing free and fair elections leading to a smooth transition of power to the elected body.

The NC is grateful for the over-whelming support from the football fraternity and hopes to continue its work towards building a stronger football community. As the NC, we are making maximum efforts to avoid any further consequences for Pakistan football during this dark time.