Former PFA chief says PFF NC not doing its job [The News]

Former PFA chief says PFF NC not doing its job [The News]

LAHORE: Former President Punjab Football Association Sardar Naveed Haider Khan has expressed reservations over the working of the FIFA-appointed normalisation committee for PFF.

Addressing a press conference here at SJAL office on Wednesday, Naveed showed his concern over the current state of football in Pakistan.

He said that they have always obeyed FIFA and AFC directions and promptly handed over the charge to the normalisation committee.

“FIFA’s policy on normalisation is clear that if any groups are formed, a normalisation committee is constituted and representatives of each group is made a part of the normalisation committee,” he said.

He said that the normalisation committee was given a mandate to hold elections but it failed to do its job.

“FIFA gave $ 50,000 to the normalisation committee during the last 15 months in the form of an administrator fund besides the salaries of the chairman and members. But God knows where thousands of dollars were spent during the last 15 months and no one has an answer as to where the money was spent,” he said.

“Now Haroon Malik, the new chairman, has been in charge since January. My objection is that Haroon is a resident of Canada, although FIFA rules that any head should be from the country where the dispute is. “The Supreme Court has also made it clear that no chief can hold dual citizenship,” he added.

Published in The News, 18 March 2021