Provincial, district normalisation committees dissolved [The News]

Provincial, district normalisation committees dissolved [The News]

KARACHI: In a major development on Tuesday, Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Normalisation Committee disbanded the provincial and district normalisation committees which had been constituted on December 9.

In a directive, PFF Normalisation Committee chairman Muneer Ahmed Khan Sadhana said that after an investigation conducted by PFF Normalisation Committee member Col. Mujahidullah Khan and PFF General Secretary Manizeh Zainli, the provincial normalisation committees and district normalisation committees stood revoked.

“The Sindh Provincial and District Normalisation Committees also stand revoked after a report submitted by Col. Mujahid and Zainli,” Sadhana said as per a press release issued by the PFF NC.

After the resignation of the outgoing NC chairman Humza Khan, Sadhana has been appointed as chairman by FIFA in an interim arrangement. He will head NC until FIFA appoints a new chairman in the next few days.

Published in The News, 30 December 2020