Manizeh highest paid football official in Pakistan ever [The News]

Manizeh highest paid football official in Pakistan ever [The News]

KARACHI: Manizeh Zainli has become the highest paid official in the history of Pakistan football as she gets Rs375,000 a month as Secretary General of Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Normalisation Committee.

A salary list, which has become viral on social media, also says that the Deputy Secretary General Haaris Jamil Alam Khan, who has resigned from his post, used to get Rs350,000.

When this correspondent tried to confirm the authenticity of the list from the PFF NC, its spokesman said that chairman Humza Khan has already said in the past that professionals have been hired to serve Pakistan football at market salaries. “However, the sheet being shown in the media is not correct,” the spokesman claimed.

The list shows if salaries of the workers of the Quetta Goal Project are also included the PFF NC spends Rs3,188,000 a month on salaries.

This does not include the hefty amount which FIFA gives to the members of the PFF NC and chairman. Each member, according to sources, gets 4000 dollars, while the chairman receives 5000 dollars.

Zainli has overtaken the outgoing secretary of PFF Col Ahmed Yar Lodhi, who used to take Rs305,000 during his final days at the post last year.

Lodhi had been appointed as secretary in 2007 on monthly salary of Rs55,000. He used to get 15 percent raise in his salary on annual basis.

The PFF NC is under criticism for overlooking standard procedure in the selection of the secretariat staff and for recruiting people with little experience on hefty salaries.

Published in The News, 10 May 2020