Former official wants 20-year audit of PFF [The News]

Former official wants 20-year audit of PFF [The News]

Karachi: Former Punjab Football Association (PFA) Vice President Rana Ziaur Rehman said that football was kept hostage for 16 years by the previous setup and now the game needs rehabilitation.

He said that he has written to the Normalization Committee in Pakistan established by FIFA and AFC, stressing the need for club registration, scrutiny, establishing academies, and conducting referees and coaches’ courses.

He said he has also asked them to audit accounts of last 20 years so that it can be evaluated how much funds PFF officials received from FIFA and AFC and where they spent the money.

“There are only 550 clubs which have been registered in Punjab. If there hadn’t been favouritism, the number of registered clubs would have been much higher, which would be very beneficial for the progress of football,” he added. “The same stands true for other provinces of the country.”

He further said that if the qualified clubs were registered, there would be at least 1500 clubs in Punjab alone.

Published in The News, 6 May 2020