Removal of elected FAs unconstitutional, says Asghar [The Nation]

Removal of elected FAs unconstitutional, says Asghar [The Nation]

LAHORE – Punjab Football Association (PFA) official Asghar Khan Anjum terming the removal of elected provincial football associations and replacing them with provincial normalization committees as ‘unconstitutional’ has demanded the NC to prove this step from PFF Statutes or take this illegal action back.

“The actions of the PFF Normalization Committee show that it is a proxy of a particular group and takes dictation from that group in all its decisions. Without changing this NC, holding of fair elections is a dream which cannot come true,” said Asghar and added: “It is countrywide well believed thought that former FIFA employee Mohsen Gilani has vested interests and is working hard for the success of a specific group.”

Asghar said that the PFF NC is formed under Article 8(2) of FIFA Statutes. “We the football community of Pakistan always has shown utmost respect to the Statutes of FIFA. We expressed complete satisfaction when the PFF NC was formed as per FIFA Statutes, but the steps taken by it afterwards proved that it is all for the benefit and support of a specific group.”

He asked NC Chairman Humza Khan to explain that according to which law or article of the PFF Statutes, the duly elected bodies of Provincial FAs could be removed and further replaced by unelected formations comprising of the people, who are suitable to a specific group only.

Published in The Nation, 29 April 2020