Punjab NC upholds PFA ban on Sardar Naveed

Punjab NC upholds PFA ban on Sardar Naveed

The Punjab Football Association (PFA) Normalisation Committee met on Thursday for the first time and took a number of important decisions.
Mr. Shaukat Ali Khan has been elected as the chairman of the PFA NC after three members of the committee met.

Among other decisions, the Punjab FA NC has upheld the ban on former Punjab FA president Sardar Naveed Haider Khan imposed by the previous PFF setup and will take disciplinary action against other officials including Mian Rizwan, Rana Shaukat and Asghar Khan.

It will also seek details of accounts from the former PFA officials.

A meeting of the PFF Normalisation Committee was also held via a video conference on Thursday during which important matters pertaining to the revised roadmap for elections due to the covid-19 pandemic were discussed.

The PFF NC also took note of the issues raised by the two members of the PFA NC who did not attend the meeting.

The meeting was called by the PFF NC as Mr. Shaukat Ali Khan forwarded a message, drafted by PFF, regarding the meeting to the Punjab FA NC WhatsApp group in which the PFF NC General Secretary is also included.

Furthermore, the message was sent on Tuesday and no one raised an objection to it in the next 36 hours.

The PFF NC had advised that social distancing guidelines were to be followed during the Punjab FA NC meeting. It is the prerogative of any person to resign from any committee or position.

Press Release from PFF Normalisation Committee