‘Pakistan footballers don’t earn from playing’ [The News]

‘Pakistan footballers don’t earn from playing’ [The News]

KARACHI: Unlike their counterparts around the world, footballers in Pakistan don’t earn much from playing football and so they are economically least affected sportspersons in Pakistan due to coronavirus pandemic, says Sindh Football Association (SFA) secretary Riaz Ahmed.

“There are approximately 700 registered clubs in Sindh and all of the footballers playing in those clubs have to pay from their own pockets for everything. Most of them play out of the love for the game,” Riaz told PPI.

He further said that in spite of the fact that football is the most played sport in the country, it is rarely supported by the sponsors, government or private departments.

From economic perspective, footballers may not be suffering financially because of lack of sports activities in unusual times due to coronavirus pandemic.

Published in The News, 14 April 2020