Senate body grills PFF normalisation committee deputy general secretary [The News]

Senate body grills PFF normalisation committee deputy general secretary [The News]

KARACHI: Senate Special Committee on the Promotion and Development of Football in Pakistan on Friday grilled the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Normalisation Committee’s Deputy General Secretary Haris Jamil Alam at a meeting in Islamabad.

Former PFF chief Ashfaq Hussain Shah also attended the meeting which according to insiders lasted for around two hours. Headed by Senator Dilawar Khan, the committee asked various questions to which, according to sources, Haris did not have any answer.

Haris had come with a 15-year football development plan document to show to the senators but the committee did not pay any heed to that.

“How could you make a 15-year plan when your mandate ends in June!” the committee said to Haris, according to an insider. When asked what PFF NC had done for holding PFF elections, Haris replied that the club scrutiny had started.

Insiders said that Ashfaq informed the committee that NC had done nothing towards holding the PFF elections and that scrutiny had not started. He told the senators that the PFF secretariat was in Lahore but its lady secretary was in Karachi. Ashfaq also told senators that Haris had no power.

Ashfaq told them that two persons were controlling the PFF NC. On this the senate committee said that in the next meeting PFF NC should send that person who has the authority. Ashfaq informed the senators about various decisions the PFF NC has taken so far which, according to him, could lead to a disaster.

The next meeting will be after 15 days, a source said. The other members of the committee are Ahmed Khan, Dr Asad Ashraf, Mirza Mohammad Afridi, Mohamamd Ali Khan Saif, Rubina Khalid and Shibli Faraz.

Published in The News, 7 March 2020