Lodhi to continue as PFF secretary, ExCo dissolved [The News]

Lodhi to continue as PFF secretary, ExCo dissolved [The News]

by Alam Zeb Safi

KARACHI: FIFA’s decision to appoint a normalisation committee for Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) has automatically dissolved the ExCo of the federation but its secretary Col Ahmed Yar Lodhi will continue to work.

Lodhi, who is the appointed secretary of PFF, will obey the orders of the normalisation committee, ‘The News’ has learnt. It means that the PFF secretariat will work under the normalisation committee.

FIFA still recognises Lodhi as the legitimate secretary of the PFF. FIFA addressed Lodhi as “Dear General Secretary” and informed him about the FIFA’s decision to appoint the committee.

In the letter to Lodhi, FIFA clarified that the PFF statutes will be revised after the PFF elections. It means that the normalisation committee will hold the PFF elections as per PFF’s existing constitution.

This will allow Ashfaq Hussain Shah to contest elections against Faisal Saleh Hayat if the latter opts to run for the PFF presidency for the fifth time or forwards any of his associates for the election.

“The newly elected PFF executive committee would then be tasked with revising the statutes of the PFF, jointly with FIFA and the AFC, within one year of its election in order to bring them in line with the requirements of FIFA and the AFC,” FIFA said in its letter to Lodhi.

Published in The News, 30 June 2019