Ashfaque & Co responsible for football disaster: Khadim Shah [The Nation]

Ashfaque & Co responsible for football disaster: Khadim Shah [The Nation]

LAHORE – FIFA-recognized PFF and SAFF senior vice president Syed Khadim Ali Shah has held Ashfaque Hussain and Company responsible for the disaster of football in Pakistan.

“Ashfaque and company have brought the game to a nowhere stage and done this deliberately because they have their personal agenda, which is to eat up the funds in PFF bank accounts. But they cannot fulfill their dreams until they do not disband themselves from international football community, whether it costs the prestige of the country at global levels and careers of thousands young footballers inside the country,” said Khadim.

He added that the real face of Ashfaque and his cronies was seen by every football lover in Pakistan during the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers, when they using all pressure tactics, stopped national team players from joining the camp held in Bahrain. The only fault of some of the talented players was that they desired to represent Pakistan in the most prestigious global football event, but they were stopped just to damage Pakistan’s world cup campaign because it was not them, Ashfaque & Co, who had any authority to send Pakistan’s team in that event,” said Khadim.

It is pertinent to mention here that in recently-held FIFA World Cup Qualifiers, only FIFA-recognized PFF was entitled to send the team to participate in the event.

For this purpose, training and selection camp of Pakistani talent was held in Bahrain, in which, a number of talented players couldn’t take part because they were threatened by the PFF formed after the court-ordered elections led by Ashfaque Hussain.

Published in The Nation, 18 June 2019