Senate Chairman forms committee for football development [The News/The Nation]

Senate Chairman forms committee for football development [The News/The Nation]

KARACHI: Senate chairman Sadiq Sanjrani has constituted an eight-member committee to work for the development of football in the country.

The committee will hold its first meeting in Islamabad on Wednesday (today). The Senate Chairman is the convener of the committee which also includes Senators Shibli Faraz, Mohammad Ali Saif, Dilawar Khan, Ahmed Khan, and Asad Ashraf, Mirza Afridi and Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) president Ashfaq Hussain Shah.

“The basic purpose is to work for football development,” Sanjrani said. The PFF president Ashfaq told ‘The News’ on Tuesday that there was only one aim of the committee and that was football development.

“Nothing but football development will be on the radar of the committee,” Ashfaq said. “Tomorrow we will hold a meeting and I am confident that we will be able to take Pakistan football to new heights,” said Ashfaq.

He said that the PFF had started coaches and managers clinics in Lahore. “You know the situation. It’s a hard task before me and InshaAllah we will succeed,” said Ashfaq, who also served as District Football Association (DFA) Peshawar president for several years.

The new PFF was formed in December last year as a result of the elections held under the instructions of the Supreme Court. Although FIFA does not recognise the new body, it is recognised by Pakistan Sports Board (PSB). FIFA recognises Faisal Saleh Hayat-led body.

Published in The News, 20 March 2019

The Nation adds:

ISLAMABAD – Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani has announced eight-member committee for the betterment of football in Pakistan.

The committee meeting will be held today (Wednesday) at 4pm at Parliament House. M Sadiq Sanjrani is the chairman of the committee while Shibali Faraz, Senator M Ali Saif, Senator Dilawar Khan, Senator Ahmed Khan, Asad Ashraf, Mirza Afridi and PFF President Engineer Syed Ashfaq Hussian Shah are the members.

Talking to the journalists, Sanjrani said: “The main aim of forming the committee is to give football its due right in Pakistan. Senate Secretariat has also issued the notification of the committee. We want to provide great opportunities to football talent in Pakistan.”

PFF chief Ashfaq Shah and other officials look optimistic about the future of football in Pakistan. “The formulation of committee will help in promoting and developing football at grassroots level. We are about to organise inter-club tournament, in which around 300 clubs from across the country will take part. The final dates will be announced after PFF Congress meeting on March 26.”

Published in The Nation, 20 March 2019