Pakistan-Palestine match in doubt [The News]

Pakistan-Palestine match in doubt [The News]

KARACHI: The match between Pakistan and Palestine football teams at the latter’s backyard on November 15 is in doubt as Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) is yet to receive travel permit from the Palestine Football Association (PFA).

An official said on Monday the PFF was still waiting for the permit. “If we receive it by tomorrow morning then we will send the team on Wednesday. If we did not receive it tomorrow then it would not be possible to fly,” the official said.

“We had told them to come to Pakistan. We still hope for a good outcome,” the official said.Pakistan team would land in Amman, Jordan, from where it would go by bus to Palestine through Israeli-occupied territories, for which the permit is necessary.

The PFA website said on Monday that it was preparing to receive the Pakistani team which was expected to arrive on Tuesday (today) to Palestine to meet with the national football team on November 15 at 3pm at the Faisal Al-Husseini Stadium in Al-Ram.

Pakistan are due to arrive on Tuesday in Amman, Jordan, on their way to Ramallah, the website wrote. “The technical meeting will be held on Wednesday at 12pm at the Grand Park Hotel. The press conference will be held at 1 pm at the same venue,” it added.

Pakistan team is preparing in Lahore under the Brazilian coach Jose Antonio Nogueira. A bunch of foreign-based players are scheduled to move to Palestine directly from Hong Kong and Denmark.

The match is on FIFA day. Palestine, who have been in constant practice having played record ten international matches in a calendar year, are also scheduled to face China in China on November 20.

Published in The News, 13 November 2018