PFF criticized for ignoring football in the country [APP]

PFF criticized for ignoring football in the country [APP]

ISLAMABAD, July 2 (APP): Though Pakistan may not participating in 2018 FIFA World Cup but there is ample of football talent in the country which is being turned a blind eye by National Football Federation (PFF).

Talking to APP, former international FIFA referee Ahmed Jan said football talent cannot flourish in the country until and unless political meddling is not stopped.

“Incumbent PFF president Faisal Saleh Hayat has been leading PFF since 12 years but not even a single football ground has been made in the country,” he said and added there is no improvement for Pakistan in FIFA rankings for the past 14 years.

“Currently we stand at 201 spot out of 206. There is still Rs 240 million in PFF’s accounts which is not being used for the promotion of football,” he said demanded that footballers must head the federation and FIFA must recognize them for footballs promotion in the country.

Karachi Zone-IV (South) Chairman Nasir Karim said PFF is seen nowhere in Lyari, Karachi where there is plentiful of football talent. “We are managing football activities at our own,” he said.

He said to improve football, we need to groom the youth by sending them abroad for excessive training and participation in tournaments.

Former Pakistan captain and PFF secretary Col (R) Mujahidullah Tareen said football is not PFF’s priority. “We have so much talent in Lyari that a whole national team can be formed from there,” he said but PFF is not interested in promoting football.

“The provincial government also didn’t pay attention in building grounds in Lyari which is also a reason for decline of football,” he said.

He said in his tenure from 2006 to 2008 through Asian Football Confederation’s (AFC) Youth Programme I had installed coaches in different parts of the country but the current PFF setup removed them.

When contacted PFF media manager Shahid Khokhar said in Faisal’s tenure Pakistan beat India and Afghanistan which were ranked above Pakistan. “We get Rs 150 million grant annually from FIFA and AFC which is wholly spent on football,” he said.

He said recently we held National Challenge Cup in Karachi and National Women’s Championship in Lahore. “There are seven academies in the country out of which Quetta, Abbottabad and Lahore are working but the work on academies in Sindh were stopped due to the federation’s suspension,” he said.

He said recently 5 more departments have been affiliated with PFF providing jobs to players. “9 department teams participate in Premier Football League who provide permanent jobs to their players,” he said and added we are doing all-out efforts for promotion of football in the country.

Published by APP, 2 July 2018