Total Football begins youth academy in Islamabad

Total Football begins youth academy in Islamabad

All levels and abilities are welcomed at Total Football – Youth Football Academy. If you are a new player trying football for the first time, or a player who wants to sharpen their skills. THIS CAMP IS FOR YOU!

Each camper is taught the proper way to pass, trap, dribble and shoot, as well as crossing, defending, heading and so much more. By allowing your children to attend our camp, you will be giving them the opportunity to improve as an athlete. We also include fun activities to get maximum participation from each and every child.

The camps are open to any and all children between the ages of 5 and 16. The summer camp will be held at the following venues in ISLAMABAD:

1) Parveen Shakir Road, St. 29, F-7/1, Islamabad

2) Ammar Shaheed Model School for Boys G-10/3, Islamabad

Featuring fun football activities packed with drills, small – sided games, and skill – based fun activities to get your child’s mind and body moving.

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