Super FIFA agent Ellen Chiwenga now FC Karachi’s Brand Ambassador

Super FIFA agent Ellen Chiwenga now FC Karachi’s Brand Ambassador

KARACHI: Ellen Chiwenga who is a high profile FIFA Match Agent and Intermediary, has officially been appointed as the Brand Ambassador for Pakistan based ‘Football Club Karachi’, says a Press release.

The Founder and President of Football Club Karachi, Hamza Farooque, who is also a Sports, International, Contract and Corporate Lawyer has been working hard to open the Pakistani Market for International Transfer.

He is adamant to fulfil the necessary pre-requisites to enable Pakistani Football to thrive through one of the most engaging platforms of modern day Football: International Transfer.

The President was reported as saying: “This was one of the biggest steps Pakistani Football could have taken at this moment in time, and that is the appointment of Ellen as Brand Ambassador for Football Club Karachi. We are delighted at the appointment of one of the biggest names in World Football, as Brand Ambassador for Football Club Karachi; this will help connect lives, end racism and surge Pakistani Football into the International Market.”

Hamza Farooque further went on to say that he was currently working on a few Pakistani Talents for the prospect of International Transfer. “Hamza Farooque is currently the first, and only man, truly working towards the vitalization of the platform of International Transfer in Pakistan” a senior sports personality added, and commended the efforts of the FCK president. Furthermore huge International Mega Matches are also being worked towards by Football Club Karachi, which are posed to be the biggest opportunities for Pakistani Footballers in History.

Ellen Chiwenga has been noted to be one of the 25 most influential Zimbabweans on the Internet, as well as one of the 20 most influential women in Zimbabwe, with household English Premier League Football Clubs like Chelsea and Arsenal being of close contact to the London based FIFA Agent, it seems like the future of Pakistan through Football Club Karachi could very well become a notable one.

Press Release courtesy FC Karachi