Saudi Embassy teams dominate in Leisure Leagues Diplomatic Football

Saudi Embassy teams dominate in Leisure Leagues Diplomatic Football

 Karachi, May 10: Saudi Embassy ‘B’ team clinched Leisure Leagues Diplomatic League title while Saudi Embassy ‘A’ team finished second in the inaugural edition, which concluded Wednesday night in Islamabad Club in Islamabad.

 Safih Suhi of Saudi Embassy ‘B’ was declared ‘Player of the Season’ while Russian diplomat Alexeiy Prebilskiy and German Diplomat Stefaan shared the ‘Best Goalkeeper’ award.

 Speaking during the closing ceremony, Chairman World Group, Mr. Mehmood Trunkwala thanked the various diplomates, who participated in the league, for playing a crucial role in helping Trunkwala Family in its mission to revive football in Pakistan.

 “Truly, football is a world game and brings people closer. The diplomatic league has shown us that football is the right tool to bring people closer and we will continue working on such initiatives to present a soft and beautiful image of Pakistan to the world,” Trunkwala said on the occasion.

 On the occasion, Ambassador of Denmark, Rolf Holmboe lauded World Group for making efforts to bring positive social change in Pakistan through football.

 “In Pakistan, there’s a lot of talent and it’s all about making full use of such potential. Through Leisure Leagues, Pakistan has great hope of becoming a footballing power in the coming years. The diplomatic league was an amazing experience for everyone involved and I’m looking forward to another great season in the near future,” he said.

 Japanese Embassy team was given the ‘Fair Play’ award after showing great sportsman spirit throughout the league.

 The football teams of Brazil, Spain, Sweden, Denmark and Norway and France embassies also participated in the league, which is hoped to become an even bigger success in the future.

 In the end, victory was for Pakistan since this league showcased the diplomatic missions the real face of the Pakistan, which is a hospitable and peaceful country and has a lot of talent and abundant potential.