KRL hotshot Murtaza Hussain signs for K-Electric

KRL hotshot Murtaza Hussain signs for K-Electric

After four years of goals, hard-work and heartbreaks, ace striker Murtaza Hussain ended the discussion on his future at KRL and switched to reigning champions K-Electric in Karachi.

The Islamabad native is considered a sort of enigma in Pakistani football, one who left the comfort of a university degree to pursue professional football, and joined KRL as a professional footballer. But one year into his sojourn, just when he was on the cusp of making the Pakistan National Team, tragedy stuck and Pakistani football went awry for a good part of 3 years.

Murtaza, though, has hunger in his eyes and that hunger has taken him to Karachi, where he doesn’t mince words about his intentions for the season.

“I had a couple of reasons to join K-Electric. I gave my best for KRL and helped them achieve what we could. But it was time for me to take on a new challenge which should also help me grow as a player,” Murtaza revealed in an exclusive interview with

“My ambitions are to grow as a player and make my way into the national football team of Pakistan.  And for the same reason I think K-Electric have what it takes to improve my game with experienced players such as Riaz and Rasool along with coaches who have represented Pakistan at national level.”

With this being his first major career switch, Murtaza adds that it ‘will take time to adjust to new teammate and the game style’ but is confident that he can make his mark at the helm.

The 26-year-old did extremely well in his last outing in Karachi, where he ended up as best player of the PFF Challenge Cup in January, 2017. And alongside his domestic dreams, Murtaza has no qualms about stating his ultimate dream.

“This is the moment i was waiting for. I want to represent my country.  I have worked hard and i have been consistent for past few years. Now it’s up to the coaches and the Federation.”