Leisure Leagues Season II Round 12

Leisure Leagues Season II Round 12


Season II nears a glorious conclusion with only two rounds of matches left along with great spectacles yet to be presented in the final showdowns!

Heat built up in a fixture thought peculiar as Gladiator FC faced the defending champions. Gladiators being quite younger than the champs upset them in a 1 goal victory in the game. Fatima FC grabbed a much needed win against Saaluchan FC as they keep their head up high on the top slot while FR United defeated the eager warriors of Football Banters clinching a two goal victory.

As if this wasn’t enough, Joga Bonito on the other half of the field continued to be unpredictable as they lashed the recent heroes Brutal Hawks with a 1 goal victory keeping themselves up to the pace and on the third position of the league table. Shah7 however won with a decent margin against Phantoms FC and Outcast faced yet another draw against the Kickoff Academy.


Second day of the matches witnessed a stream of talent as all teams battled on the field with even more passion then the last week.

There was a sense of competition, a sense of wilderness and the thirst of putting in their best effort against the opponents. Avengers FC struck a wild show against Dank FC scoring three goals against the opponents while Champions and Strikers FC struck three goals against their opponents to put up a great show on the league day.

All teams have shown great potential and we wish to see more of these days to come to settle with the most deserved team to win the title!



Season II nears a glorious conclusion with only two rounds of matches left along with great spectacles yet to be presented in the final showdowns!

Phoenix FC and Vikings face each other in a tough competition settling to a draw and Phoenix FC hold the crown as Vikings struggle to regain the position. RF United snatched a must needed win against Zaim FC maintaining their third position in the league table.


SMIU-A manage to upset Team Royal while Gulshan Soccer suffer against the strike of IQRA. Both teams managing to settle their positions in the topmost spots of the league table.


Season II in Hyderabad completes its first quarter of the league as FC Thunderbolts charge against Terminators FC crushing their defense for a three goal win against the opponents.

On other hand, Real Strangers played it tough while FC Champions refused to give up and sealed the game with a tie on the clock! A tough battle was fought among the champions. Real Strangers maintain their second spot in the league while FC Champions keep eye on the title and the top spot.

Kohsar United put up a great show against their opponents along with Hyderabad Hunters maintaining the first and third positions in the league. However the league has yet started and a lot of heated battles are yet to be played in the arena.


Leisure Leagues Season I marches towards uncovering some great potential and passion for the sport within the players. The air is filled up with excitement and every team seems to be competing strongly against the other.

Eleventh round of the league comes to an end as the league leader,Sherof FC face a tough draw against FC Spartans Quetta , while Super Afghan give a tough fight against FC Bayern,is now leading the points table for the time being.

One of the team failed to make it on time for their fixtures, namely, Shikari Club Quetta in-spite of being informed again and again. They will be checked upon and removed from the league if unable to adhere to the regulations.

All teams are advised to inform 5 days in advance in order to skip a match otherwise fine would be charged.



SMD are clearly not in a mood to relinquish top spot to any team. This Sunday, the league leaders faced 2nd placed Kamra FC in an encounter that gave us a sneak peak of how the prize distribution ceremony could look like. SMD beat Kamra 3-1 in a game that had tons of action, anger, emotion and everything you would expect when two good teams clash.

The win ensures that SMD stay on top of the table with only two matches left. However, there is still a case of finishing second left in the league and MFC would now be looking to finish the season strongly after beating Spartans 5-0. Spartans would definitely be kicking themselves for not being able to take advantage of Kamra’s rare slip up and should be looking to do well next week when they face the table toppers who are definitely the team to beat this season.


Enough cannot be stated about Real Atletico who despite joining the league late, have shown just how good they really are. After becoming the only team to beat league leaders MIFA, Mubashir and co have been romping towards win and this Sunday, they thrashed PMFC 8-1 to ensure that they are in the hunt for the final spot for Inter-City qualification.

Shooterz on the other hand, were very lucky to register a 3-2 win over Ravens and on any other day, might have been punished for not waking up in time for the second half. However, goals from the likes of Zarrar and Absaar have ensured that they stay in top spot and with 2 games left, Inter City is within their grasp.

NWA are also in great form and following another 5-0 win, Hammad and co are definitely going to end the season knowing that they can go really far in the leagues to come as long as they are consistent.


Today 18 November 2017 at Peshawar, Another day of football of a League that is Providing some thrilling contests as was the case in the match where Shinwari FC surprised League Leaders Fantastic 7 FC.  Shinwari FC played with good strategy and always looking for counter attack in which they were succeed and scored 2 goals.  MOTM was awarded to Wasim Akram for his excellent performance.

In another match Zaryab united beat the struggling Peshawar United FC in an Intoxicating match by 2-1 and moved to 4TH place in the Table of a Thrilling league. Malik Danial was declared MOTM .
Unfortunately , Four teams including  Cantt FC , City Avengers , Chitral FC and Surkhod FC DNA and the respective