Leisure Leagues Season II Round 11

Leisure Leagues Season II Round 11

World Academy

Applauding the initiative by the Trunkwala family to uplift the nation’s spirits and unite them on a common ground of sports and passion, Mrs Salma Aziz, Principal World Academy, added, “This is yet another revolution brought in the industry of football by the Trunkwalas. They have always had keen interest and a rich legacy for sports, football in particular, and this initiative taken by them for hunting down the best football talent of our country along with education is remarkable. Education enriches the mind by sports nourishes the soul and students studying every institute should have this project as a part of their extra curricular activities.”

Mr Saqib Chohan, Sports Coach (World Academy) said, “I am overjoyed seeing the smiles on the faces of the youth as well as their parents. This is a great initiative of Leisure Leagues by the Trunkwala family and we have gotten astounding feedback by the kids as well as their parents in support of the project. We hope to see this project prosper throughout the country and farther, unearthing immense football talent!”

Leisure Leagues continues to inspire the youth and provide them with an international platform of glory! Yet another leap in the world of football as Leisure Leagues launches World Academy’s own league in KUFF!

Parents were very supportive and crowd chanted with joy as premier league kicked off and the youthful teams challenged each other for the first fixtures to take place. Remarkably, players showed great skills and sportsmanship.

Avengers remained the most prominent victors scoring six goals against Striker FC. The first fixtures were followed by some more interesting showdowns as Champions FC championed against Lightning FC, Black Panthers hunting down the Rising Stars along with Dank FC giving a tough game to Kashmir FC to finally settle on a draw.



Third session of the league being shifted to SUNDAYS from now on wards, went smoothly as the teams showed great passion towards the sport, putting up great efforts against each other.

FC Champions faced our new wild card entry in the league, Amigos FC, in a tough showdown which came to a draw finally. Both teams played vigorously and showed great zeal till the very last minute, only to halt against escaping time. Real Strangers beat Terminators settling on a 2-0 victory while another wild card entry, FC Thunderbolts clinch victory against the Daredevils giving a fine show. Kohsar United stay on the top beating Hyderabad Hunters to a 1 – 0 score.


Round 10 of Leisure leagues was full of surprises & upsets.

Sherof FC’s heroic return from the bottom of the table is considered as breaking point for League Leader’s Shaheen FC & FC Bayern.

Meanwhile Super Afghan Defeated FC Spartans Quetta in a very competitive game this Sunday to join Sherof FC at the top of table.

Star FC 11 is improving gradually but constantly every week.


League day at Iftikhar Syed started off with a bang as SMIU put up a great show against Gulshan Soccer and dusted the side with a 1 goal win along with IQRA and Team Royal who put up a great show on the field.

Four teams however didn’t attend their matches which is of concern as it affected the league badly. GSA Youth, GSA Blues, Bhayani FC and Ericsontana, to be specific, did not attend.



League day at Sixteen Star started off with a bang as Etihad FC put up a great show against the Khanate FC, settling the dust to a tie which is indeed a positive result for Khanate FC suffering at the bottom of the league while The Vikings faced a tough battle yet again, against RF United who have always put up a great show with the old rivals.


Eleventh round dusts the air as the gladiators clash yet again in the footballing arena!

There was a magnificent show of sport as Targaryens United, Shah7 and Outcast maintain top positions in their respective leagues. It’s an overwhelming experience having youth getting indulged in this sporting activity every week showing dedication and love for the game. It seems the season had just started but it raced through time to near its conclusion.

There were some notable games played this Saturday as Brutal Hawks upset the defending champions, Red Devils, sliding them to the second position and fetching the third themselves. On the contrary, Shah7, the new crown seekers, tie against Joga Bonito which looked like a tough fixture, while the new comers, Saaluchan and Targaryens FC bag in victories and eye on more promising games to come.

Some of the teams weren’t able to attend to their matches which caused managerial issues on the field. Namely, Samba United, Galacticos, Hascol Petroleum Ltd and FC APS, which was indeed a poor show of sportsman spirit as they had been one of our regular teams. They shall now be removed from the league. All teams are advised to inform 5 days in advance in order to skip a match otherwise fine would be charged.