Euphoric crowd cheer football festivity as Muslim FC wins Peace Cup in Waziristan [Geo]

Euphoric crowd cheer football festivity as Muslim FC wins Peace Cup in Waziristan [Geo]

by Faizan Lakhani

KARACHI: Pakistan’s tribal agency South Waziristan witnessed a glimpse of hope, as peace returned to the region when a large number of football lovers gathered to witness the final of the third All Pakistan Peace football tournament in Wana.

More than 20,000 fans turned up for the final of the 47-day long tournament. Muslim Football Club Chaman defeated Chashma Green Club of Miranshah, 3-0 in the final.

The tournament was more than just a football tournament for the region that once remained in news for all the wrong reasons.

The tournament started on August 22, with 85 teams participating, with 50 from FATA and 35 from rest of the country.

The tournament was conducted by the Directorate of Sports FATA and Sports Department of South Waziristan Agency. Moreover, Pakistan Army and Levies provided security to a tournament that spanned six-week long, with a packed Wana Sports Complex every match day.

The final between Muslim FC and Chashma Green showcased an impressive football contest, on a cricket ground which was temporarily converted into a Football field.

Muslim FC, a renowned name in Pakistan domestic Football, kept a strong grip throughout the match, proving their experience too much for the North Waziristan side.

Moreover, as soon the referee blew the whistle to announce full-time, thousands of spectators entered the field to cheer the return of peace and sports in the region. The tournament that started just with local teams two years ago has come a long way in attracting teams from all over Pakistan.

Published on Geo.TV, 8 October 2017