Hassan signed as e-Sports FIFA player [Nation]

Hassan signed as e-Sports FIFA player [Nation]

LAHORE – Muslim FC Chaman has signed Hassan Nouman as an official e-Sports FIFA player. After the signing of official contract with Muslim FC, official photograph with the club was arranged in Punjab Stadium where Muslim FC player Rafiudin Muskan presented the club’s official jersey to Hassan.

Muslim FC becomes the first football club in Pakistan to step into the world of e-Sports and Hassan is the first player in Pakistan to be signed by a football club as an official e-Sports FIFA player.

In past, Hassan has got a lot of achievements playing FIFA. He helped Pakistan winning the country challenge in FIFA Interactive World Cup 2014. He was also nominated for best goals of FIWC 2013 and got second position twice in goal of the tournament of FIWC 2014 and FIWC 2015. Hassan was also awarded the ‘Letter of Appreciation’ by PFF for his remarkable achievements.

“I am grateful to the PFF, especially Makhdoom Faisal Saleh Hayat and Col (r) Ahmad Yar Khan Lodhi, who always encouraged me to earn honours for Pakistan at international level,” Hassan said and added: “It’s very unfortunate that Pakistan football is on verge of complete disaster after the FIFA’s final call for suspension due to the stoppage of the game in Pakistan since more than 2 years.”–Staff Reporter

Published in The Nation, 29 August 2017