SC to hear football case on April 6 [The News]

SC to hear football case on April 6 [The News]

KARACHI: All eyes are on the Supreme Court as it will hear a case about Pakistan’s football conflict on April 6.

Because of the dispute between the FIFA-recognised Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) and Arshad Lodhi group, no football activity has been held in the country since April 2015.

Pakistan’s teams of various age-groups have missed several international assignments because of the dispute, which has thrown Pakistan to a miserable 198th position in the world.

The country also failed to hold its Premier League two times because of the tussle.

In 2015, FIFA gave two years to Faisal Saleh Hayat group, with the instructions to revise the federation’s constitution and hold the PFF elections afresh but nothing has been done in that direction because of the legal issues.

Lahore High Court (LHC) in its decision in early February ordered the PFF administrator to hand over the PFF’s control to the newly-elected office-bearers of the PFF. Both groups claimed that the decision was in their favour.

Faisal group, however, failed to get relief from the LHC. It had lodged an appeal regarding non-compliance by the PFF administrator.

Arshad Lodhi group went to the Supreme Court and requested it to hold the PFF elections either itself or constitute an election commission for the purpose.

Arshad Lodhi group also requested the court that the PFF administrator should stay till the elections are held.

The apex court allowed its appeal.

After both the parties submitted their replies within the stipulated period the stage is now set for further debate on the issue.

Meanwhile, a series of protests involving footballers and officials have started in the country.

A protest demonstration was held on Sunday in Hyderabad in which the protesters demanded resumption of football activities in the country.

During the long lay-off, Pakistan’s top players suffered the most as they failed to renew their contracts with foreign clubs. Some of them could have found places in foreign leagues but they failed to get an opportunity to exhibit their skills because of no international exposure.

Published in The News. 4 April 2017