Match Report Pakistan Navy vs SSGC

Match Report Pakistan Navy vs SSGC

By Faizan Liaquat 



First game of the 2nd day of 1st NBP President Cup played between Pakistan Navy and SSGC.
The Coach of SSGC was Tariq Lutfi who doesn’t need any introduction. He is one of the Most Experienced coach in Pakistan. He achieved so many things in the domestic circuit of Pakistan Football, Most recently with KRL as a coach he won 3 consecutive times the Pakistan Premier League (PPL) 2011-12,13,14.

SSGC from the very 1st minute took the control of the game, they totally outclassed their opponent Pakistan Navy in the early stage of the first half as the Striker of SSGC Muhammad Laal scored 2 goals in the space of 8 minutes to make the score line 0-2 after 24th minutes. SSGC had more passion as compare to Pakistan Navy in the first 45 minutes of the game.


Pakistan Navy looked average in the first half, those two early goals from Muhammad Laal totally killed their confidence due to which they failed to make a single chance which can be considered as an opportunity which can be converted into a goal, and they were just defending and allowed SSGC to attack. The game was mostly played in the half of Pakistan Navy. First half ended 0-2 in the favor of SSGC.



The 2nd half was almost pretty same for SSGC, created many chances but failed improve the goal tally. The match finished with the same score line and SSGC easily won the game.

Right now they are they (SSGC) are the only side who scored two goals and yet to concede any, they have a goal advantage of +2. With this performance Tariq Lutfi and his team rang the alarm for all those people and teams of the tournament who underestimate them before this game.



After the game when we talked to Saad Ullah (Player of SSGC) who just came back from Maldives’ where he played for B.G Sports Club.


Question: how does it feel to play again in your country?

“Well of course it felt good to play in my country in front of my people. After coming back from Maldives’ this is my first tournament. Crowd were brilliant today, they supported us which is the most important thing for a player.”

Question: you guys won 0-2 against Pakistan Navy what is your feeling after the victory?

“Well ALLHAM DULILLAH we won 0-2 against Pakistan Navy and secured 3 important points today, happy that we didn’t conceded a goal and our defense looked good which is a positive sign.”



Question: Are you satisfied with your own performance Saad?

“Yes, I am happy with my performance. This was my first game and I played really good. Missed 1-2 chances (laughs) but it’s a part of game, in shaaa ALLAH I am going to score in the second game.”


Question: What is the advantage of having a coach like Tariq Lutfi?

“Look I think Tariq Lutfi is one of the Best Coach in Pakistan, he have so much experience. Well of course it’s a plus point that we have a coach who have won so much in the past and it gives us a confidence that we have a coach who understand his player.”



Question: SSGC missed so many chances during the game, any comments on that?

“Yes, it’s always good to score goals it gives you confidence and also other teams starts panicking when they saw this kind of performance from any other side. I guess if we converted those chances which we missed the final score line could be 6-0.”



Question: Are you going to stay in Pakistan after this tournament or will you leave for Maldives’?

“I have 2-3 different plans right now, can’t tell you on this moment but when everything will be done in shaaa ALLAH I will tell you. There are 2-3 foreign teams who are interested in me, after the tournament I will leave.”