Leisure Leagues Arrives In Pakistan!

Leisure Leagues Arrives In Pakistan!

KARACHI: Leisure Leagues,UK’s World’s largest organizers of 5-a-side, 6-a-side and 7-a-side football and running leagues in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and USA for the past 25 years will be launching in Pakistan.

Leisure Leagues organized a media launch on 5th December 2016 at the British deputy High Commission. Representatives of Leisure Leagues Mr. Tim Oilerenshaw and Mr. Stuart Winton met the press to talk about the Leisure Leagues plan in Pakistan. British Deputy High Commissioner Ms. Belinda Lewis along with celebrities and sports icons were also present at the event.

While speaking to the media Mr Olierensh. said

Leisure Leagues UK are the worlds largest organizers of5-a-side 6-a-side and 7-a-side football and running leagues in Eng.. Wales. Scotland Northern .8. Republic of Ireland and USA for the past 25 years Leisure Leagues is expand, its operations to 62 more countries of the world now and Pakistan to be the first nation amongst those 62 to enjoy the benefits of the leagues system.

In order to market Leisure Leagues in Pakistan a nationwide campaign for registration is planned with ATL and BTL support for players of all ages and genders. It will not only involve schools and colleges but also professionals from different walks of life. The privileged and under privileged will have a global platform and recognition because of the same. It will also provide a platform that will provide many jobs whilst the sponsors will be able to invest in the grass-root of the game.”   

“l am excited that a sports organization of this stature will be operating in the country for the promotion of healthy sports amongst the Pakistan, people Leisure Leagues is the oldest small-sided league supplier in the UK and the largest network of leagues in Europe with thousands of teams playing at hundreds of venues each week. It is the only league organizer who works and gives money to charities and good causes on a regular basis and the only not-for-profit league organizer in the UK.”

He also briefed about the benefits Leisure Leagues will be offering to its players in Pakistan, such as getting an opportunity to become international players and play abroad Getting scholarships for foreign universities and an opportunity for employment abroad Players will also get a chance to be trained by international coaches and play on 1000’s of football pitches in Pakistan

British Deputy High Commissioner Ms. Belinda Lewis said:

“We already know the popularity of cricket in Pakistan which is one of many examples where UK and Pakistan share a mutual interest. Football, a tremendously popular sport in the UK, is also fast developing a following in Pakistan, which is encouraging. This league will provide a much needed platform for young talent in Pakistan to come forward acquire the skills necessary to play football at an international level. I am delighted to share this achievement with Leisure Leagues and wish them all the best in their future expansion plans in Pakistan.”

Sheikh Hamrnad Amjad, CEO, British Business Centre. Pakistan said:

“It’s our pleasure to launch British Business Centre in Pakistan. The British Business Centre’s primary objective is to facilitate UK businesses to grow in this market and this league will contribute in strengthening the sports industry in Pakistan.”11223344