Real Lahore crowned Fame Football League champions

by Agha Muhammad Ajmal

Lahore Monday, October 24, 2016

Real Lahore FC is now become new soccer campaigner of 2nd Fame Football League-2015-16 (FFL-2015-16) after defeating Fame Sports FC at Fame Sports Football Ground in Model Town Lahore in a very crucial match of the league. Whereas Murad FC defeat Afshan FC by 4:1 in its Super round match.

According to the press release issued here by Fame Sports Football Club (FSFC), Real Lahore FC again become the crown of 2nd Fame Football League-2015-16. In the super round, Real Lahore FC got 37 points and secured 1st position. In its 13 matches they won 12, played 1 draw. Whereas Fame Sports FC got 33 points and secured 2nd position, in its 12 matches they won 11, lost 1. LUMS FC got 28 points and secured 3rd position. In its 13 matches they won 9 matches, drew 1 match and lost 3 matches.


The match of the day was kicked off between Real Lahore FC and Fame Sports FC at Fame Sports Football Ground in a thrilling night fixture. After a warm evening a large number of people and families of Model Town came to see the match as the cool breeze in a night of monsoon provided some comfort to families. The outlandish defeat of Fame Sports FC has many causes. Home crowd pressure, poor performance by defense line for the Work Zone Player Check formula at side line, lack of quick response on goal kick by midfielders, low level combination between midfielders and defense line, although Fame Sports having strong physical strength but showed poor mental strength during the match. Fame Sports made 15 attacks on the goal post of Real Lahore FC but poor finishing brought no fruit for Fame Sports. On the other hand, Real Lahore FC successfully followed the technique of counter attack.


The match was full of thrill and excitement as both teams contested aggressively and made a series of aggressive inroads in each other’s area. In 44th minute, Zeeshan of Real Lahore beat the defense line of Fame Sports FC and netted the ball from first bar on the drop kick of goal keeper. In the second half of the match, both teams exhibited aggression game of Ball Possession, Dribbling, Dodging, Passing, Eye Contact and Intercepting which was highly appreciated by the audience. The Work Rate and Match Traveling of both teams were astonished to see. In counter attack, Yousaf of Real Lahore netted the ball in 63rd minute on the pass of Moazzam.

The match was officiated by Commissioner Bashir Ahmed, Referee Jubair Jutt, first assistant referee Adeel Anwar, second assistant referee Muhammad Amjad.

In the second match of the day, Murad FC beat Afshan FC by 4:1. The first goal was struck by Milad through chip technique on the pass of Molvi Irfan in 15th minute, second goal was netted by Kaleem in 28th minute through wonderful shot on the pass of Danish from left wing.

afshan-fc murad-fc

Third goal was made by Molvi Irfan through direct shot by beating defense line of Afshan FC. Forth and last goal was netted by Kaleem in 61st minute long range shot by Kaleem. A solidarity goal was made by Afshan FC’s Haris in 78th minute place the shot with Artay Two technique in 78th minute.

The match was officiated by Commissioner Bashir Ahmed, Referee Adeel Anwar, first assistant referee Muhammad Iqbal, second assistant referee Muhammad Amjad,

2nd Annual Fame Football League-2015-16 (FFL-2015-16)
Super Round
Point Table-23-10-2016
1 Real Lahore FC 13 12 1 0 55 15 40 37 1st
2 Fame Spoorts FC 12 11 0 1 34 5 29 33 2nd
3 LUMS FC 13 9 1 3 38 14 24 28 3rd
4 Baba Cargo FC 13 7 1 5 21 21 0 22 4th
5 Murad FC 12 6 2 4 22 16 6 20 5th
6 Nadeem FC 13 5 4 4 22 20 2 19 6th
7 Sabzazar FC 12 4 3 5 30 30 0 15 7th
8 Fame FC 10 3 4 3 15 14 1 13 7th
9 Campus United FC 13 2 6 5 20 30 -10 12 9th
10 Usmania FC 13 4 0 9 19 32 -13 12 10th
11 Afshan FC 13 3 3 7 19 39 -20 12 11th
12 Quaid Manga FC 13 2 5 6 19 29 -10 11 12th
12 Lahore United FC 13 2 5 6 16 28 -12 11 13th
14 Ali Asghar FC 13 0 1 12 21 40 -19 1 14th