Makran Sports surprisingly defeated Lal Bakhsh

Makran Sports surprisingly defeated Lal Bakhsh

Karachi (Sports Reporter) : Lal Bakhsh Memorial defeated Makran Sports 2-1 surprisingly and Kalri Star Lyari easily win over Young Azizabad by 4-0 in the 13th Karachi Football League 2016 at Baloch Mujahid Stadium, Ibrahim Hydri.


Makran Sports have 9 points of 7 games and Lal Bakhsh Memorial Lyari have 8 points in 7 encounters while Kalri Star have 8 points in 4 games while Young Azizabad not yet open their account despite played 5 matches.




Lal Bakhsh Memorial (2) :     Naseer Ahmed 50, Karam Hussain 68

Makran Sports (1):                Own Goal




Kalri Star (4) :             Nabeel Kareem 7, Mohammad Lal (2) 71, 87, Oranzeb 86

Young Azizabad (0)

kalri-star-vs-young-azizabad kfl-10-10-16