Sixth friendly for the restoration of football activities at national and international-

Sixth friendly for the restoration of football activities at national and international-

Pakistan, Bahawalnagar, Monday, September 26, 2016

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Sixth friendly football match was played between International Veteran Eleven and Bahawalnagar at City High School Football Ground Baldia Road in Bahawalnagar for the restoration of football activities in Pakistan, which are at low ebb during last two years because of some bigwig’s issues. Mr. Sarwar Teddy, former captain and well known International strikers former Captain Sharafat Ali from Multan., a distinguished striker and former captain Muhammad Imtiaz Butt from Faisalabad, International Striker Khalid Butt from Gujranwala, International striker Haroon Yousuf from Mandi Baha-ud-Din, former striker Muhammad Umar from Karachi, International Striker Gohar Zaman (PIA) from Karachi, well known Striker Amjad Zakria from Kabirwala, International Goal keeper Tariq Mateera from Bawalanagar, Goal keeper Muhammad Idrees from Multan, a famous international defender Tanveer-ul-Hasnain from Lahore, International Defender Ashfaq from Khanewal, Sohail Ali Shani from Kabirwala were representing International Veteran Eleven. Two hours training session was also conducted before the match for the soccer youth of Bahawalnagar in which penal of legends shared their expertise with them.


            International Veteran Eleven beat Bahawalnagar Eleven by 1-0 in friendly match being played for the restoration of football activities in Pakistan. The match was kicked off between International Veteran Eleven and Bahawalnagar Eleven at City High School Football Ground in a thrilling evening fixture. After a warm evening a large number of people from Arifwala, Qaboola, Hafizabad, Basti Rab Tawkal, Hussain Abad, Dibba Maqsoodpura, Lakhmir Dhodee, Kot Ghulam Rasool and villages Fateh Kot, Jinjranwali, Godola and Basti Jodhwan of Pak-India boarder, came to see the match as the cool breeze in the evening provided some comfort to families. The match was full of thrill and excitement as both teams contested aggressively and made a series of aggressive inroads in each other’s area. The first goal was struck by International Veteran Eleven’s striker Amjad Zakria in 9th minute on the Rebound. The first half of the play is only meant for Tariq Mateera who exhibited his mind-blowing skills of goalkeeping.  10a

In the second half of the match, International Veteran Eleven exhibited aggression game of Ball Possession, Dribbling, Dodging, Passing, Eye Contact and Intercepting which was highly appreciated by the young. The Work Rate and Match Traveling of International Eleven were highly appreciated by the jam-pack audience. The game of Khalid Butt, Amjad Zakria, Muhammad Ummar, Muhammad Imtiaz Butt, Gohar Zaman and Sarwer Teddy and Sharafat Ali were astonished to see. The game of International Goalkeeper Tariq Mateera was highly applauded by the lovers of football. The legendary International defender Tanveer-ul-Hassnain and Ishfaq exhibited the superb Defend Technique. The second half saw a flurry of attempts to score but poor finish and missed chances restricted both sides to getting a further productive result. The match was officiated by Commissioner Head Clerk Ejaz Ahmed, Referee Muhammad Afzal, Assistant Referees Abdul Basit and Yasin.11e