Brønshøj signs Yousuf Butt

Brønshøj signs Yousuf Butt

Denmark 2nd Division (third tier) side Brønshøj Boldklub have re-signed 26-year-old goalkeeper Yousuf Butt.

“We know Yousuf’s qualities from the past, so we are happy with the deal. He is a stable and good goalkeeper with international experience,” said the Hvepsene (The Wasps) sports chief Thomas Ibsen.

Yousuf Butt had recently guarded the goal in the 4th tier Denmark Series for BK Søllerød-Vedbæk. In addition, he has played for the Pakistani national team.

“He is a good goalkeeper, still striving to be better, and is always there for the training. It is important to have a good last redoubt, and we have that in Yousuf, so I am looking forward to the collaboration,” said head coach Jesper Hansen.

Yousuf Butt was in Brønshøj two years ago, when the club played in second tier 1st Division, where he played one match for the club in the DBU Cup and winning 9-1 away against Blovstrød.

Published on the Brønshøj Boldklub official website (translated into English) on 27 July 2016