Kuala Lumpur: The standard for coaching education in Asia was further discussed on Monday as the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Coach Education Panel concluded its second meeting since its formation in August last year.

The panel – which comprises the continent’s most experienced coach educators – was formed to examine ways to establish a comprehensive and enhanced coaching education strategy to better develop coaches and trainers at all levels in Asia.

One of the key areas of discussion during the meeting was the content of coaching courses and identifying areas for improvement, with the aim of implementing some of these proposals in the future.

AFC Technical Director, Andy Roxburgh, stressed the importance of a comprehensive coach education plan for Asia: “Education is Asian football’s ticket to the top. Coach education is a crucial component for football development as it lays the foundations for progress at all levels.”

“Developing better, more competent coaches helps to produce better quality players and, ultimately, better teams. Over the long-term, the aim is to create a higher standard of play and this begins with high-quality coaching education.”

With the launch of the AFC’s new Vision and Mission, the development of coaches remains a key area of focus for the AFC to ensure podium success for Member Associations on the world’s biggest stages.

The AFC Coach Education Panel members were unanimous in the value of introducing coaching convention, which will help all Member Associations in the development of the game. Technical and International Adviser for the Hong Kong Football Association, Kwok Ka Ming said: “If you look at Asia today, the situation has been getting better.

“Today, Member Associations are helping one another to further the education of coaches. This is a good signb, ut there’s plenty of room for improvement. These discussions are particularly important for us in Asian football to improve the standard of coach’s education.”

The Coach Education Panel meeting is a prelude to the three-day AFC Coach Education Directors’ Conference, which kicks off on Tuesday and which will bring together over 100 coach educators from across the continent to enhance the standard for coach education and training in Asia.