2nd Fame Football League inaugurated in Lahore

Lahore, Friday, October 09, 2015 Fame Sports Football Club’s 2nd Annual Fame Football League-2015 (2nd FFL-2015), featuring 28 clubs teams was begun on Friday, October 9th 20015 with matches being played in Lahore-on day one.

October 9th matches has seen Ideal FC taking on Real United FC at the Township Football Ground, Lahore Lucky FC will face Young Union FC at R.A. Bazar Football Ground, Lahore, while Black Pool FC faced Samanabad FC at Campus Football Club, New Campus, Lahore, Quaid Manga FC faced Publican FC at the Fame Sports Football Ground, Model Town in Lahore.

The 28 teams taking part in the marathon event to continue till Saturday, November 7, 2015 for Round A comprising Ideal FC (Township), Real United FC (Township)), Faridia FC (Sham Nagar), Saleem Khan FC (Manga Mandi), Lucky FC (R. A. Bazar), Young Union FC (Mughalpura), Islampura FC (Islampura), Gulshan-e-Ravi FC (Gulshan-e-Ravi), Fazal Memorial FC (Tajpura), Nasir Shaheed FC (Nishat Colony Cantt.), Flying Horse FC (Sadar Bazar Cantt.), Jabbar Friends FC (R. A. Bazar), Black Pool FC (Canal View), LUMS FC (DHA), Campus FC (New Campus), Burt FC (Garhi Shahu), Lahore United FC (New Campus), Mughlpura Heros FC (Mughalpura),  Wahadat FC (Wahadat Colony), Quaid Manga FC (Manga Mandi), Publican FC (DPS Model Town), Shaheen (CMH) FC (RA Bazar Cantt), PAF FC (PAF Colony), Chief College FC, Mujahid FC, Usmania FC, and Murad FC will take part in this mega event.

For the Round A of 2nd FFL-2015, 42 matches will be played before Saturday, November 7, 2015 at 4 venues of Lahore. The venues selected by the host team and approved by FSFC for holding matches in Lahore comprise Fame Sports Football Ground, Township Football Ground, R. A. Bazar Football Ground and Campus United Football Ground New Campus,

It is pertinent to mention that Real United FC has won the 1st FFL-2014. Each team will play 3 matches in first phase of FFL-2015. The selection committee comprised of Match Commissioner, Team Coaches of the participating teams available on the ground has been detained to select the best scorer and best player of the league.

Prize money of the first position is Rs. 70,000/- with trophy 10 football ball, Rs. 40,000/- with trophy 10 football for runner-up and Rs. 10, 000/- from third to 10th position with 10 football, best player of the league 3,000/-, highest scorer of the league 3,000/-, Best goal Keeper 3,000/-, Best Defender Rs. 3000/-.

On this occasion, Mr. Zia Dogar, President FSFC in his message said that this league is aimed at preparing the players for national and international level. Mr. Tajamul Ahmed Khan Kaka, General Secretary FSFC said that league will give an opportunity for the betterment of the players.

courtesy: Agha Muhammad Ajmal

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