IFA president to face no-confidence motion [Nation]

IFA president to face no-confidence motion [Nation]

ISLAMABAD – Islamabad Football Association (IFA) president Dr Fazal Ur Rehman faces no-confidence motion, which will be tabled against him on July 15 during the IFA extraordinary meeting to be held at Pakistan Sports Complex.

Dr Fazal voted in favour of Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat and it was very much on the cards, he had to face the consequences of going against the government. Dr Fazal was, otherwise, enjoying overwhelming support from his group and had returned victorious in past at four occasions. It is pertinent to mention here that Dr Fazal had surrendered his voting right in favour of MNA Dr Tairq Fazal Ch and gave in writing on stamp paper that Dr Tariq would cast vote in PFF elections on his behalf. It was time and again feared, Dr Fazal would back off from his commitment, and same was happened during the PFF presidential elections, which the rival group claimed held despite Lahore High Court (LHC)’s stay order against holding elections. Dr Fazal cast his vote in favor of Faisal and he is in trouble and has to pay heavy price of his loyalties to Faisal.

Talking to The Nation, a rival group leader has confirmed that they had filed notice for convening IFA meeting some 10 days ago. They had set July 15 for the meeting, in which no-confidence motion against Dr Fazal would be tabled. He said there were a number of serious allegations against Dr Fazal including his backing off from his written commitment of empowering MNA Tariq Fazal to cast vote on his behalf. The meeting will decide about the fate of Dr Fazal. “Dr Tariq is our presidential candidate.” When asked about secretary slot nominee, the leader said: “We will announce the name later on. But later on, he revealed that in the recently-conducted IFA elections, three names Irfan Niazi, Syed Zakir Hussain Naqvi and Syed Muqbil Hussain Naqvi were sent to the federation which nominated Irfan Niazi, as they claimed his name was recommended by Dr Fazal.

Now Syed Muqbil would be very likely our candidate for secretary slot. We enjoy more than two-third majority support and quite hopeful Dr Tariq will return as elected president as we are quite sure no-confidence motion will sail through with utmost ease and comfort.”

When contacted Dr Fazal to seek his point of view in this regard, he completely denied any such move was taking place, nor he was aware of any notice regarding the IFA meeting. “Anyhow, if they want to bring no-confidence, they are more than welcome. They can do whatever they like to do, I am ready to ward off challenge. I enjoy majorities’ support and will see when they contact me or my close aides.”