Sun Hotels and Resorts Women’s Football team with pakistani strenght

Sun Hotels and Resorts Women’s Football team with pakistani strenght

SHR women’s football team is the pioneers of women’s private football in the history of Maldives and is also the first team to lift the champion trophy at the first ever National Women’s football Championship held during 2012. SHR team is a proud trainer of many young football players and a pioneer in introducing new players to the Maldivian National Women’s Football team. The team will be strengthened with pakistani star players Hajra Khan and Shahlyla Baloch from Balochistan United Women Football Club,  who are also the National champions of 2014.
The team is challenging strong this year by having the most senior women’s football coach in the maldives, with the best defence players of the country along with 4 foreign strikers. Among the 4 foreign players, 2 are from Germany the most famous for women’s football worldwide.

We had the chance to talk to Shahlyla up on her departure for Malé.

How does it feel to be one of the first pakistani players to go abroad?

1- I’m feeling on top of this world right now. Words can’t define how I feel.. its definitely the best feeling of this world for me. Especially because I’m going for something I’ve been working hard for so long

Do you think that this will open doors for other pakistani girls?
2- Yes of course. It’s a big boost for women and women football in Pakistan.. I believe more girls will come out and join this beautiful sport and now it’s proven even women have an opportunity to prove their talent!

Where do you see women football in Pakistan at the moment?
3- At the moment women football is in its initial developing stage.. women football has a long way to go to reach international standards.

Where do we lack?
4- There are alot of gaps which we need to fill whether its national or international .. We are far behind the international standard of football.

The first ever women league will be launched at the end of the year. How will that change women football?
5- As you know football is in a developing stage and the 1st PWPL is an evident proof that women football is developing .. More teams will get the opportunity to play and more young players will get involved and new talent will rise up

What do you want to achieve in Maldives?
6-It my first time that ive been signed by a club international and this opportunity has opened my way into the international world of football.

You are there with Hajra Khan, how do you rate her?
7-Hajra Khan is a star player and is ranked one of the top footballers in Pakistan.
Hope that we both will rise the nation flag high in maldives