Kaleemullah loving life in US [Asia Despatch]

Kaleemullah loving life in US [Asia Despatch]

The young Pakistan international has only just arrived in US but has already been amazed at the response his arrival has generated

While speaking exclusively to Asia Despatch, Kaleemullah admitted that he has been blown away by the soccer culture in America and feels that it is a must-visit destination for any aspiring footballer who wants to develop as an athlete and as a person.

“Before coming here, I knew that football, or soccer as they call it here is a big thing now but I never knew that there are so many talented kids over here. I am sure that American football is going in the right direction and with the way they see the game and execute it on all levels, is a perfect blueprint for all countries that want to become regular fixtures in global football arena.”

The 22-year-old also stated that the way the local community has welcomed him has been truly heartwarming.

“I went to ILM Tree on my second day with my agent (Adel Saad) and the way I was received by the kids and the teachers over there amazed me and gave me so much pride. As a Pakistani it is my responsibility to represent Pakistan well wherever I go and I will do my best to usher my country in a a new era where our players are also given chances to play in regions where their skills are honed.”