PFF uses delaying tactics to rig IFA elections

PFF uses delaying tactics to rig IFA elections

ISLAMABAD – Former Islamabad Football Association (IFA) president Syed Sharafat Hussain Bokhari levelled serious allegations against Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) regarding upcoming IFA elections.

Talking to The Nation, Sharafat said: “The PFF just want to prolong the tenure of current IFA president Dr Fazal-ur-Rehman, who has already complete three terms and once again want to destroy Islamabad football.
The PFF is using all the dirty tricks in their pockets to ensure Fazal return once again without facing any competition, as the federation is involved in dubious activities.
They are trying to keep election dates secret and keeping the entire IFA election process dubious as thrice schedule was changed just to ensure smooth sailing for Dr Fazal for the fourth time, which is not only sheer violation of National Sports Policy 2005 but also against the directives of Supreme Court of Pakistan, as the PSB constitution clearly bars a person from holding office for third time.

He said the PFF changed election schedule thrice on their official website and it was also appeared in section of press.
“First it was mentioned file of nomination papers on March 31 and elections on April 4, then it was changed and nomination papers date was mentioned as April 7 and elections on March 11 and then again it was mentioned file of nomination papers on March 29 and elections on April 4.

“I have got evidence with me, clubs are kept in the dark regarding election schedule.
The PFF is free to support whom they want, but at least entire process should be conducted in free, fair and transparent manner, so everybody may feel easy to express their right and feel free to choose the candidate of his liking,” he added.

“I request the PFF president Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat to look into this matter of grave importance and ensure all parties should be provided equal opportunities.
One schedule and that too with consensus should be finalized and all stakeholders should be taken on board.
I hope the president, who is a very gentleman and knows values, will pay heed to our genuine demand,” Sharafat concluded.

When contacted PFF secretary Col (R) Ahmed Yaar Khan Lodhi to seek his point of view in this regard, his cell phone was powered off.
When approached the PFF president, he said: “We have a set criteria, and our election process is identical to FIFA and AFC election statute.
All rules, regulations, criteria are approved in accordance of FIFA approved rules, and everybody is free to contest elections.
I will ensure nobody will have any complaints regarding elections schedule.
We will provide equal opportunities to all parties and favor none.
The person who gets elected will be duly recognised by the federation.