LIVE: Yemen vs. Pakistan

LIVE: Yemen vs. Pakistan

Welcome to FootballPakistan’s LIVE coverage of Pakistan’s 2018 FIFA World Cup pre-qualifier with Yemen..

Venue: Grand Hamad Stadium, Doha

Kick-off Time: 8:30 PM PST

Yemen 3-1 Pakistan

Full-Time: Yemen 3-1 Pakistan

90′ Pakistan try their luck from a corner but Saddam Hussain’s header goes well wide!

85′ Hassan Bashir with a free-kick and Riaz tries to guide it into the net, but it goes just wide!

73′ Kaleem ullah official with a long-range freekick but it goes into the keeper’s hands!

68′ Ali Al-Sasi makes it 3-1 for Yemen with a brilliant free-kick!


64′ Penalty for Pakistan!!!!

62′ Yemen are off-side! They score another! But it’s given off-side by the referee!

55′ Muzammil makes a brilliant diving save to deny Yemen as they try a shot from inside the box!

53′ Goal for Yemen as they score through a corner!

51′ CHANGE FOR PAKISTAN! Mohammad Ali OFF, Mohammad Adil ON

48′ Kaleem ullah official with a brilliant solo run! He beats three defenders and gets a shot on target! Great stuff from the forward!

46′ Hassan Bashir with a free-kick attempt but it goes well wide in the end!

45′ Pakistan and Yemen resume the 2nd half in Doha!

Half-Time: Yemen 1-0 Pakistan

41′ Saddam with a long-range scorcher but it balloons over the bar slightly!

37′ CHANGE FOR PAKISTAN! Mohammad Ahmed OFF, Mehmood Khan ON

33′ Yellow card for Al-Jarshi as he jostles for the ball with Mohammad Bilal!

30′ Hassan Bashir puts in a superb cross and Mohammad Ali with a superb try! But it’s saved by the Yemeni goalkeeper! Pakistan turning up their performance!

28′ Kaleem ullah official with an ambitious try from outside the box! But it goes well wide in the end!

21′ Yellow card for Bilal as he hits an elbow on Ayman Al-Hagri!

18′ Al-Hagri with another try but it’s easy pickings for Muzammil!

13′ What a an effort from captain Hassan Bashir! 25-yards out and it goes just out! Brilliant from the striker!

12′ Yemen going out with attacking intent but the shot from Al-Hagri is well wide in the end!

8′ Yemen with a corner but it goes out for a Pakistan goalkick!

6′ Ali with a good ball to Hassan and it’s a corner for Pakistan!

3′ Muzamil saves it! But Al-Matri with the follow-up header to make it 1-0!

1′ Early start and Yemen earn a penalty! Muzammil fouling Ayman Al-Hagri with a dangerous foul!

1′ The game kicks off!

Pakistan’s starting XI: Muzammil Hussain (GK), Nabil Aslam, Mohammad Bilal, Mohsin Ali, Ahsanullah, Saddam Hussain, Mohammad Ahmed, Mohammad Ali, Mohammad Riaz, Kaleem ullah official, Hassan Bashir (c)