Saadullah signs with Maldivian club [Express Tribune]

Saadullah signs with Maldivian club [Express Tribune]

By Natasha Raheel

Pishin-based striker Saadullah confirmed on Sunday that he had signed a six-month contract with Maldivian side BG Sports.

This is the first time a foreign club has approached Saadullah, who is determined to make the most of the opportunity as it will allow him to experience playing with Spanish and Nigerian players at the club.

“I’ve signed the contract and it is a great feeling to be recognised by a foreign club,” Saadullah told The Express Tribune. “They’ve been approaching me for the last two weeks, and now it’s a done deal. I’ll begin playing for BG Sports starting April 1 in the Maldives Premier League. They told me that they also signed a Spanish player and two Nigerians for their upcoming season.”

The striker added that his goal against Afghanistan during a friendly had caught the attention of the club in Maldives.

Saadullah has opted to sign a six-month contract as his department Sui Southern Gas Corporation (SSGC) had not agreed to let him stay away for an entire year.

The striker, coming from Balochsitan’s Pinshin district, is being paid Rs70,000 per month from SSGC. He said that if he had singed for a year, BG Sports were offering $3000, but he was still satisfied with receiving $1500 from April to September on a monthly basis.

“SSGC wants me to return after a six-month stint because the Division B season starts in November. It’s a good deal for me. I at least want to know what it feels like to play in a professional club,” said Saadullah.

He further said that national coach Mohamed Shamlan had supported his decision. “Shamlan just made an announcement about my contract at the team meeting on Sunday and his approval has given my confidence,” said Saadullah.

The striker will be a part of the national team at the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifiers next month against Yemen and the AFC Cup with the U23 team.