Local footballer Rehman passes away [Express Tribune]

Local footballer Rehman passes away [Express Tribune]

By Natasha Raheel ,

KARACHI: Twenty-five year old midfielder Hafiz Shafeequr Rehman died yesterday after sustaining injuries to his chest on January 31 during the first-round match of the District Football Association I Karachi Tournament at the Balochistan Ground in Sharafi Goth.

Rehman was also the captain for his side, Sahil Mohammadan FC.

The incident took place during the second half of the match between Sahil Mohammadan FC and Lucky Men FC. Rehman and another player from the opposing side were tackling the ball when the latter committed a foul.

Sahil Mohammadan FC secretary Abul Hassan said that their team had lost a valuable player. “Rehman was very sharp; he was making his move when his opponent’s foot hit him hard in the chest,” Hassan told The Express Tribune.

“It was a sad incident. The Lucky Men FC player was sent out of the field immediately, while we rushed him to a nearby hospital. After the initial treatment he was sent home, but on February 1, the doctors suggested he should undergo surgery.

“He received 12 stiches to his intestine, while his ribs were badly injured as well.”

According to the official, Rehman’s condition worsened and he passed away yesterday morning.

“This boy had been with us since he was 15; we spent a decade with him. We just had his funeral during Zohar prayers.

“It was an accident but we’re all quite shaken up. For now my players don’t want to play football. It’s shocking and unfortunate to lose a spirited player like him.”

District Football Association official Rafiq Baloch added that they had cancelled all their matches for Wednesday.