PPFL’s top scorer eyes short-term contract in Africa [Express Tribune]

PPFL’s top scorer eyes short-term contract in Africa [Express Tribune]

By Natasha Raheel,

KARACHI: Chitral-based striker Muhammad Rasool is not only the top scorer at the Pakistan Premier League (PPFL) with 22 goals in 20 games this season, but has also caught the eye of the clubs in Ghana and Zimbabwe, with offers coming in for the K-Electric member to play for them.

The 30-year-old has been with K-Electric since 2009, but feels that getting a four to five month contract with a foreign club will be suitable for his growth as a footballer.

“I have been getting offers,” Rasool told The Express Tribune. “So far, two of them came from Africa — one from Zimbabwe and other from Ghana.

“Ghana has a good standard of football, so I’ll consider [that option], but my aim is to play for any foreign club with a four or five month contract. I can’t stay away from home for eight or nine months.”

Rasool said that he has his personal reasons for choosing a short contract, and he emphasised that he will want to stay with K-Electric if he decides against playing abroad.

“I want to play for K-Electric. It’s a club that takes good care of their players. We have many facilities, and facilities make a huge difference,” said Rasool. “Plus the pay-scale is much better than any other club in the country, so I’ll stick to K-Electric for now.”

He added that his prospects with the national side are not as bright.

“The national coach wants to take young players, and I was told earlier that my age will be an issue.”