PFF plans to rebrand Pakistan Premier Football League [Express Tribune]

PFF plans to rebrand Pakistan Premier Football League [Express Tribune]

Football is the world’s most popular sport however, in Pakistan cricket beats it when it comes to general public interest especially for the local players and the domestic league.

The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) has now taken a step to reach out to the football enthusiasts in the country.

Their agenda is simple, ‘rebrand Pakistan football’.

The PFF officials Fahad Khan and Shahid Khokhar believe that Pakistan football cannot improve without the support of local people.

“In Pakistan most football fans support international clubs, and follow English Premier League or other tournament, they really don’t have any interest in the local league,” Fahad told The Express Tribune as the manager marketing and integrity for PFF. “Its becauce they don’t have any idea of the players, they don’t know their stories and it’s a gap that we must fill now. That’s PFF’s motto now.”

PFF Manager Club Development and Media and Khokhar said that while administrative changes will come with time, where the PFF wants the departments, like K-Electric or Wapda to have football teams but with different names.

He said that obviously, people do not find a team named Wapda or k-Electric as appealing.

“We want to have teams with more regional appeal that can bring people to the stadium. That is the first step. We are trying to convince the departments to consider this option. It will be like the Indian Super League. The departments will be responsible for the administration of the club, but they will need to rename it for the people,’ said Khokhar.

Meanwhile, Fahad admitted that the PFF needs to be more interactive in their approach.

He said that the federation is working on their website which will be responding to visitors’ queries, and generating interest among people.

“It’s important, we understand that football and especially Pakistan Premier League needs better publicity, there is a room for improvement and gaps to fill. Our website is the first step.

“We want people to recognize our footballers, for example Kaleemullah, they should be as popular as the cricketers,” concluded Fahad.