5 Questions – 5 Answers: German Star Navid Ahmad

5 Questions – 5 Answers: German Star Navid Ahmad

943622_551109308257540_1654617072_nBy Malik Riaz Hai Naveed, Founder FootballPakistan.com

Navid Ahmad, 16 year old midfielder under contract with German Bundesliga Club Schalke 04 but currently loaned to Preußen Münster talked to us about his career in the german youth Bundesliga and his future. 

1- Navid, please tell us how you started your football career.

NA: I was a 4 year old boy and my dad wanted me to start playing football. Then in 2010 I was signed by Schalke 04 a german Bundesliga club. I played for their U15 Team but was regularly called for the U16 even tough it was hard to get into this kind of football. I signed my first contract with Schalke and the first U16 year was brilliant because with 16 scored goals I was the best goalscorer. That was the reason why I was called up for the U17 team even tough I was younger. But unfortunately from one day to another my coach lost faith in me and did not play me regularly. But I was as strong as before. That is why I did not understand his decision. We talked to Schalke and decided that I should be loaned to another junior Bundesliga Club to get match exposure. In 2014 I signed a one year loan deal with Preußen Münster.

10491114_313630985481030_5063698281931893688_n2- How is the current season going on?

NA: As I signed for a new team it was a difficult start but I am giving everything from training to training. I was kicked out for 6 weeks due to an injury but I am back now.

3- Do you see a possibility of playing for the Pakistan National Team?

NA: Of course, but you have to be 100 % sure.

4- What are your hobbies besides football?

NA: Besides football I love going to the gym or I like to relax at home.

10495699_10203922346652411_8020517343839643065_o5- To be successful in football, what does one need?

NA: One has to be disciplined, and you should not be satisfied with your performance because there is something you can do better for sure!