‘Lucky’ Huma FC enter PFF League without regional fight

‘Lucky’ Huma FC enter PFF League without regional fight

Shahrukh Sohail, Chief Editor, Islamabad

Despite the delay of the Islamabad A-League to 5th December, Huma FC of the Federal Capital is taking part in the PFF League after being elected on a random draw. 

Huma, who won the league last year too, are currently taking part in the 2nd tier of Pakistani football, but have yet to even kick a ball in their own regional league which has a single PFF League spot for the winning side.

When contacted for a comment, Islamabad Football Association (IFA) General Secretary Mohammad Zaman claimed that the reason behind was the delay in the league and that a random draw was conducted with the consent of all clubs.

“Our League got delayed. So we held a random draw in the presence of all the teams and with their permission, Huma FC is now taking part in the PFF League.”

“Winners from this edition will play the PFF League next year,” he added.