Pakistanis changing their favourite sports to football

Pakistanis changing their favourite sports to football

It has been seen in various parts of the country that football is now becoming popular day by day. Youngsters who used to play other sports like cricket are now converting into a mad football fan.

It is a clear example for me as the kids who used to play cricket few years ago are now calling me to play football.

Moreover, Football academies are also changing the perception of Pakistanis about football, people who used to think that Pakistan won’t be changing their football style are now hoping for a bright future.

While, football is also being promoted through foreign leagues like Premier League and La Liga though they are not the part of Pakistan but still helping to promote in Pakistan in another way.

On the other side, players like Kaleem Ullah, Muhammad Adil and Saddam Hussain who are playing in Kyrgyzstani League for Dordoi Bishkek gives Pakistani professional players the motivation to play better to get a chance like their National stars got.

These stars are also motivating the young generation who wanted to become professional footballers but fails to do so because of the past failures of Pakistan football.

What do you think of football in Pakistan?

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